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  1. 06/08/16 at 22:52

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    • 23/10/16 at 21:52

      my 1999 explorer ac works and blows cold air, but lately is not blowing air all the time, the ac sounds like is working but suddenly stops blowing air, it sounds like air is blowing but does not blow anything, i have to adjust the settings (turn it off and on or put it to feet positon or something like that) and then it comes back. the rear seat ac vent works fine and always blows even when the front vents stop you think this is a bad blower mothn?toarks!

    • 24/10/16 at 06:33

      МиколаТа це взагалі якась расова дискримінація так як-би ми не у своїй країні живемо я це всюди розповім де тільки можна буде і Український переклад кращий і сподіваюсь усі українці такої думки ((((((((

    • 24/10/16 at 07:43

      That’s a brilliant answer to an interesting question

    • 24/10/16 at 08:47

      Hi jennifer, if they were burning and still sticking it sounds like you needed to use the non-stick baking paper. Watch the macaron FAQ video that i just put up last week and see if it helps.

    • 24/10/16 at 08:56

      Point de manichéisme ici. Juste le fruit de l’expérience, hélas. Notez par ailleurs que je parlais de licence scientifique, ce que vous dites est peut-être exact dans d’autres filières, mais entièrement faux là d’où je parle : misère universitaire, niveau des partiels, localisme, etc…

    • 24/10/16 at 09:28

      i can not feel i this day and age from the web that men and women can nonetheless be that naive to think they could pass off cars as in excess of what they are, that includes the tale with the dealer.

    • 24/10/16 at 09:41

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    • 24/10/16 at 09:46

      It’s a real pleasure to find someone who can think like that

    • 24/10/16 at 09:59

      This does look promising. I’ll keep coming back for more.

    • 24/10/16 at 10:25

      At last! Someone with the insight to solve the problem!

    • 24/10/16 at 11:21

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    • 24/10/16 at 12:03

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    • 24/10/16 at 12:15

      Apparently this is what the esteemed Willis was talkin’ ’bout.

    • 24/10/16 at 12:54

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    • 24/10/16 at 14:10

      In dreapta, mai sus, este o lista a comentatorilor :). Cu fiecare comentariu postat, creste numarul comentariilor facute de fiecare persoana :).Eu am sa ma ghidez dupa aceea lista, cu numaratoarea incepand de la incheierea ultimului concurs de acest gen.

    • 24/10/16 at 16:11

      beautiful and true…..and what really matters about our way is that ‘it still belongs to me’when i look back see how i endured hardships just because they were part of what i chose personally…Honour, you’re right… ‘a star reappears’really enjoyed reading it.

    • 24/10/16 at 16:13

      okay so i totally agree i think there white trash for sure there not even pretty they belong in a trailer park but how do you know there not just smoking pot? what makes you think it’s something bigger then pot like crack or oxy? just a question.

    • 24/10/16 at 17:07

      I drove past the Ford River Rouge plant back in the 1970′s and even took the boat ride on the Detroit River to the amusement park. Back in the days of my life in Detroit.Larry che ha recentemente pubblicato..

    • 24/10/16 at 17:21

      Because you don’t have to work at it that’s why.If you want joy and happiness believe me … you have to work hard and earn it. I have, and it has damn near rid me of depression.

    • 24/10/16 at 18:12

      Je crois que je suis un peu nulle à ce jeu là… C’est effectivement surtout parce que j’arrive pas à rester plus de 5 minutes si ça pue et que c’est crasseux = donc quasiment jamais… C’est très bien que Marie fouille pour moi ! C’est vachement plus sympa de chiner sur Etsy en fait !

    • 24/10/16 at 18:27

      Bonne journée festive à tous! Oh!Oh!Oh!Le café chabaté m’était inconnu jusqu’à aujourd’hui…J’ai en revanche entendu parler d’un « café coiffé » pour désigner le même breuvage.Et ma plus curieuse expérience dans ce domaine a été un café téquila servi à Marie-Galante par un restaurateur sud-américain : ça réchauffe vraiment. L’inconvénient, c’est qu’aux Antilles on n’a pas vraiment besoin de se réchauffer…

    • 24/10/16 at 18:41

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    • 24/10/16 at 18:59

      Great article but it didn’t have everything-I didn’t find the kitchen sink!

    • 24/10/16 at 19:26

      he is taking a more active role and is presumably signing off on all these deals. Also, there were those who thought he would be unwilling to spend money. Finally, I think most people here assumed that Kupchak is reasonably astute. Buss was the one the fanbase was worried about.

    • 24/10/16 at 19:38

      I feel satisfied after reading that one.

    • 24/10/16 at 20:45

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    • 24/10/16 at 21:10

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    • 24/10/16 at 21:42

      Bonjour, je découvre tout juste tout blog (via végéweb) et je le trouve très intéressant. Je constate qu'on a un paquet de centres d'intérêts en commun : veganisme, simplicité volontaire, un passé de TCA, et je suis à une cinquantaine de km de Nantes ;-)Je m'en vais parcourir ce blog plus en détail. Bonne journée à toi, au plaisir de te lire!

    • 24/10/16 at 22:13

      Pues sí señor, ¿y por qué no iba a ser una sardina? Es una sardina. Tal cual.Y con esto hemos terminado con las cinco incognitas, hoy has estado brillante, cuatro de cinco. Muchas gracias a todos, y en especial a los acertantes, Jose y María Jesús.Salud y República

    • 24/10/16 at 22:24

      Thanks for the thought. You are right there are all kinds of solutions to the problem of Newton that have to be pursued one person at a time not one policy at a time. That is a point I haven’t seen anyone making. Loving our neighbor-radically-one by one-that’s where we have to be!

    • 24/10/16 at 22:42

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    • 25/10/16 at 00:04

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    • 25/10/16 at 01:43

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    • 25/10/16 at 03:50

      consu, peço desculpa, percebemos que vç tem uma queda por Raf…..mas eu não consigo……………desisti. AMO Galliano, amo dramas, para mim, uma roupa é uma peça de arte, até o mais básico dos jeans deve ter um “que” para se diferenciar dos demais….mas seu post é uma aula de moda……..adoro essa capacidade de interpretar e antever mudanças….deixo uma pergunta. A dança das cadeiras continua e a schiaparelli????????????????????????????????????????

    • 25/10/16 at 05:17

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    • 25/10/16 at 07:09

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    • 25/10/16 at 07:42

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    • 25/10/16 at 07:43

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    • 25/10/16 at 08:06

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    • 25/10/16 at 08:19

      For the girlfriend problem, my wife actually thinks reprap looks cool (i got black plastic parts and very shiny smoothrods/threaded rods) so she let me build it in the living room and now its in our bedroom

    • 25/10/16 at 08:21

      That’s a well-thought-out answer to a challenging question

    • 25/10/16 at 08:45

      Thanks guys! I screwed up the transition from sky to ground a bit near the horizon but I simply don’t have time to make it any better.I just realized, the tide was out, lowering the ship down at least 2m. It would really have loomed over the town if the tide was in!

    • 25/10/16 at 09:23

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    • 25/10/16 at 09:57

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    • 25/10/16 at 10:32

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    • 25/10/16 at 10:34

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    • 25/10/16 at 10:52

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    • 25/10/16 at 15:42

      My Her Indoors is well impressed, she has only got as far as those whirly foot bath things, she has had three so far .. she buys one and then sells it at 5 cents on the dollar a year later and buys another one … I guess I am lucky …

    • 25/10/16 at 16:04

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    • 26/10/16 at 12:09

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    • 26/10/16 at 13:28

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    • 26/10/16 at 13:39

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    • 27/10/16 at 05:14

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    • 27/10/16 at 07:00

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    • 27/10/16 at 08:43

      Why is anyone still posting about this? There aren’t enough members who care to pay attention. It is high school pettiness at its worst. It will take a complete failure of the home tour (the only thing they do) to slap any sense into these people. Don’t open your home. Don’t sponsor. Don’t advertise. Don’t serve as a home tour volunteer. Don’t promote it. Don’t attend until things change.All OSHNA’s board cares about more than their egos is money and that is the only thing that will get the board’s attention. A loss of money. A loss of members.

    • 27/10/16 at 08:46

      oh my gosh Linda SUPER Duper cute!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing the sneak peaks!!!! I love love love them! Hard part is going to be narrowing it down to a few! I want them all!!!L.

    • 27/10/16 at 09:29

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      I told my kids we’d play after I found what I needed. Damnit.

    • 27/10/16 at 12:06

      I think the fact that they had to qualify they'd NOT made these bosses solable kinda gives the impression that most people have, that this 'mini game' is for one player.I like the ideas, by the way. 😀

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      There are so many problems in Africa, the last thing we want to do is get caught up there as we have in the middle east. Remember Somalia? Brokering peace accords is not going to stop the bloodshed there, just as it has not in the middle east. We need to start minding our own business and own house.

    • 27/10/16 at 14:08

      I feel so much happier now I understand all this. Thanks!

    • 27/10/16 at 16:18

      I’m not worthy to be in the same forum. ROTFL

    • 27/10/16 at 16:23

      Yeah, I think we came across an English version of that (or a translation) and it appeared to be pretty much based on the Hahn lies. We really desperately need a better press corps.

    • 27/10/16 at 17:07

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    • 27/10/16 at 19:25

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      Hey, that’s powerful. Thanks for the news.

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    • 27/10/16 at 21:34

      Thank you for the toothbrush hint–I never thought of a brush as a possibility for the pesky little bits that evade regular removal. Will have to try that tonight. Also, love the Cult shade you selected, Sammy–it’s a beautiful color.

    • 27/10/16 at 21:40

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    • 28/10/16 at 02:01

      I'd prefer minimal participation from YouTube. Make sure the organizers do the website justice and have some reps show up. All this business with allowing a Partner (sxephil) to break the rules that the rest of the community is asked to follow shows that YT doesn't care about the community, so I'd rather not have you guys waste everyone's time by pretending otherwise.

    • 28/10/16 at 02:07

      Surprising to think of something like that

    • 28/10/16 at 03:31

      Exactly as I thought one of those 15 second spots. No way is Lourdes Garcia Navarro going to do a four minute report on the protest, the expansion of illegal settlements, the Shepherds Hotel. She had to drink the kool aid to even be reporting up line for NPR.

    • 28/10/16 at 04:27

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    • 28/10/16 at 04:35

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    • 28/10/16 at 08:53

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    • 28/10/16 at 10:04

      I lover your concept…. hang in there. Sometimes things just take time. I have over 125 letters of rejection when I first tried to get a job in leadership. 67??!! You have a ways to go. Failure just serves to sweeten success.

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    • 28/10/16 at 11:24

      These posts just keep gettin gayer and gayer. Seriously, you can tell by the first sentence that he’s just trying to get everybody whipped up. I don’t doubt his absolute douchiness at all.. I think he probably is as big a douche as he appears to be… but there’s no way shit like today’s post is real. There’s just no way in hell.

    • 28/10/16 at 11:57

      Reading this makes my decisions easier than taking candy from a baby.

    • 28/10/16 at 12:24

      the way you shared the story about your sister, your use of the word ‘castaway’ in combination of the ‘summertime’ audio was a perfect combination. beautifully done.also, props on saying “sit right back” at the end there ahahah!ps lol at the other dude saying he asked you about peek-za. SHORT MEMORY MUCH?

    • 28/10/16 at 13:12

      That’s the best answer of all time! JMHO

    • 28/10/16 at 14:01

      A provocative insight! Just what we need!

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      Impressive brain power at work! Great answer!

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    • 28/10/16 at 17:23

      How could any of this be better stated? It couldn’t.

    • 28/10/16 at 18:10

      Hey Kim,I love the way you frame this: “the fear of living life with a job I despised was WAY scarier than jumping into the unknown.”And yes, sometimes life does seem to “choose” for us…

    • 28/10/16 at 19:26

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      I found myself nodding my noggin all the way through.

    • 28/10/16 at 23:08

      Easy and delicious! My fiance and I are obsessed with candied orange peels, and we’ve made them before as a garnish. Re: Matt’s question above, we did it with a citrus peeler (not sure of the correct term) that barely skimmed the pith and produced quarter-inch wide pieces. The results weren’t nearly as satisfying as biting into the nice gummy texture of these, I can imagine We’ll do it this tastier and easier way next time.

    • 28/10/16 at 23:09

      So true. Honesty and everything recognized.

    • 28/10/16 at 23:45

      Dag nabbit good stuff you whippersnappers!

    • 29/10/16 at 01:20

      Aluwid, yes. It’s scheduled to be up at 3:00 PM today. I write my posts in MarsEdit, which is great, but doesn’t allow for posts to be scheduled. So when I want to schedule a post, I have to post it live, and then manually change the release date in WordPress. (I don’t schedule most of my posts, btw.)Tim J, touche!

    • 29/10/16 at 01:48

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    • 29/10/16 at 03:14

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    • 29/10/16 at 05:58

      You’ve got it in one. Couldn’t have put it better.

    • 29/10/16 at 06:57

      Nothing I could say would give you undue credit for this story.

    • 29/10/16 at 07:10

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    • 29/10/16 at 09:52

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    • 29/10/16 at 13:32

      Thanks guys, I just about lost it looking for this.

    • 29/10/16 at 13:53

      When will you be telling people who won the marmite chocolate. I'm desperate to win it for my friend. She will love it if I can get her one. Everywhere shes asks for it they say they have run out. Who would have thought there would be a national shortage of marmite chocolate lol.

    • 29/10/16 at 14:11

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    • 29/10/16 at 16:28

      Sorry about that. They were worried that the bridge for I-64 might collapse, so they closed it. Then they closed the I-64 to I-65 exit so that people wouldn't kill themselves merging. Now you have to change over on I-265 or I-264 about 10 miles out.

    • 29/10/16 at 16:34

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    • 29/10/16 at 17:13

      Ah, ca me rappelle des souvenirs tout ça, j’y ai passé 6 mois à Perth!! Profite bien des joies du camping et des fameux « swags »! Have a blast in Oz!!

    • 29/10/16 at 17:20

      It’s a pleasure to find someone who can think so clearly

    • 29/10/16 at 19:30

      for my friend Jules (she announced last week that she’s not just having one, nor two – but THREE babies in a couple of months) in the hopes of getting the gifts completed by the time the babies

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      Mais c’est merveilleux maintenant Greg non, que les americains, l’armee, moi, meme toi (pas sur) veux faire les ecoles manifique pour les enfants (surtout les fille) en Afghanistan…et note bien malgre les apropos de Flatun, que c’est Laura Bush qui a beaucoup fait…Mullah Omar a vendu le cas pour le guerre en Afghanistan..nous sommes la grace a lui…

    • 29/10/16 at 23:57

      A perfect reply! Thanks for taking the trouble.

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  187. 29/10/16 at 09:29

    Soliti disturbati mentali per cui meglio castrati che dare soddisfazione alla moglie.Per fortuna hanno fatto il manifesto pertanto nessuno potrà negare l’ennesima clamorosa figuraccia dei PCI-PDS-DS-PD ecc.. cittadini.

  188. 29/10/16 at 10:38

    I nominate Pathfinder Guide Dog Programme.I fundraise for this charity myself, the founder Anne Royle is herself blind.They are a small charity based in Scotland, which exclusively trains, provides and maintains German Shepherd dogs as guides to blind people across Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Pathfinder Dogs are the only charity to focus 100% on German Shepherds,Please support the charity.

  189. 29/10/16 at 10:51

    Thanks for this post! This is my first winter with my DSLR and I definitely struggled with photography in flat light (thankfully in situations where #4 was always an option). Winter’s basically over here in Vermont, but I’ll definitely take your tips to heart next year.Another way I opted to deal with winter light was to convert to black and white. There’s something pleasing to me about the starkness of a mostly white background and foreground that are punctuated only by the contrast of a few landscape features.Ashley recently posted..